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Home Travel 5 Days of Colorado Bouldering - and some flash ascents up to 8a

5 Days of Colorado Bouldering - and some flash ascents up to 8a

Well, work... sometimes you just can't get all the vacation you want. Combine that with a little car trouble and there goes your one month long climbing trip. However, I was very happy to return to Colorado where I had done some bolting and exploring in the late 90ies. Back then, the bouldering in Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) hadn't been developed. Now, more than 15 years later, I was eager to check out this world class area with up in the Rockies.

But, as usual, pictures and a short VIDEO will tell you more than a thousand words:

[Heading from L.A. through Utah towards Colorado]

[A first view of the vast boulder fields below Hallett Peak in RMNP]

[Mel warming up on a perfect crimp traverse in Poudre Canyon]

[Fantastic moves: Flashing Diversion (Sit), V10 or 7c+]

[Trusting my new Geniuses was important while flashing Diversion (Sit), V10 or 7c+]

[Finally hiking up RMNP underneath golden Aspen leaves]

[Lake Hayaha in the middle of the Lower Chaos Boulders]

[Mel sending a V5 on the Warmup Boulder]

[Flashing Potato Chip, V7 on the Warmup Boulder]

[A beautiful stella j watches us climb]

[Flashing Cup Cake, a short but stout V8]

[Flashing the Left Pond Boulder, V7 a perfect crimp ladder - amazing!]

[Mel also making quick work of Left Pond Boulder, V7]

[Typical talus field bouldering near Lake Emerald]

[Flashing The Marble, V9 as the rain starts to set in]

[Enjoying the view towards Estes Park]

[Who doesn't want to spend time there?]

[Herm showing us around and providing some beta in Upper Chaos]

[Flashing Left el Jorge, V8]

[Flashing Right el Jorge, V8]

[Mel warming up at the Meadows]

[Flashing Skipper D, V8, an amazing long and steep problem]

[Wishing it was a bit cooler during a quick send if the famous Green 45, V10]

[Flashing the sharp but excellent Wyoming Chinese, V7]

[Sunset in the park]

[Another double digit flash: Running Scared, V11]

[Another double digit flash: Running Scared, V11]

[Mel enjoying a nameless V4]

[Mel flashing The Cube, V6]

[Flashing Tiger Stripes, a tall and demanding V7]

[Fall must be the nicest time to visit the park]

[Sammy and myself after a good day of bouldering]

[The colors just kept getting prettier and prettier...]

[Majestic Longs Peak during sunrise]

Guess what: It was damn hard to leave Colorado!




Umfrage: your vision!