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Home News Infos What the hell is GlobalClimbing?

What the hell is GlobalClimbing?

Climbing is more that just a sport. It is a lifestyle! Travelling and climbing go hand in hand. Anyone who's ever left the gym and climbed a mountain or a boulder outside is hooked!

And the best way to climb is all over the globe. This website should provide you with information about climbing around my hometown Graz in Austria and all over the world. But most of all, it should provide inspiration to go out there and travel!

For those of you who are wondering: Why is this website in English? I've already said it in the "About"-text on this homepage:

"...I thought of all our friends from Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, even the USA and who knows where and decided to keep it in English. Furthermore, all the climbers in Graz speak English pretty well anyway."

Isn't that right?



So, I said I wanted to share my experiences, right? From now on, the timeline is going both ways: On the one hand I will try to provide you with recent information about first scends, maybe some hard or interesting repeats, new topos and so on. On the other hand I wand to gradually put my picture and video archive on this site. (Stuff about South America, the USA, Canada, Nepal, many parts of Europe etc is waiting to be published. ) Or maybe some of you have just been looking for a video of a specific boulder problem to finally see other people's solutions.

I will put a little note on the first page every time I add something to the galleries. Meanwhile, you have to put up with what's there, because I will be in South Africa until late September 2010. For those of you who don't want to fly so far south, why not check out Norway to escape the heat? Doesnt this look great?:




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