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Peggau Construction Site

When it gets too cold to comfortably climb in the shade or even too cold and wet to climb at all, then there is only one thing left to do: Finishing open bolting-projects!

Last winter I had the idea of putting up a few vertical but rather long lines at the Peggauer Wand. I started bolting the face alone, but got a bit frustrated with all the cleaning because it turned out to be a lot more work than I thought. Luckily my friend Flo joined me and so all the work wasn't as boring anymore.

Also, the first results brought motivation again: Schneidmaschin', 7b+ is a really good climb with long moves on good crimps. Lebendbuffet, 6c+ and The more or the less, 7a are nice, 25m long climbs that finish in great, grey solid rock.

There are also a few new lines now in the "well known bouldering cave". They don't look like much because they are only 10m tall but the moves and the rock is great! Batman Begins, 7a+, Starsailor, 7b/+ and the bouldery Kleiner Bruder Watomi, 6c+ are outcomes of the effort I put into making the little cave also attractive to sport climbers, not just boulderers.

Then summer came around and it was too hot to climb on this south-west facing wall. I also kind of ran low on cash to spend on all the bolts and wanted to spend my time and money climbing and bouldering rather than drilling holes into the rock. To top it off, some idiots cut off three of our fixed ropes that we had left in the wall to make bolting a bt easier! Man, I miss the nineties where you could leave your pack at the base of the wall and still find it when you came down from the climb ;-)



But, here we go again: Flo and I set out for a final bolting-session in our new sector called Sun City and finished the last two lines. Now all we need to do is finish cleaning the loose parts and climb them!


Sounds easy but it ain't! Why? Just look out the window...



A topo will be available as soon as we're finished with the routes! - I'll keep you posted!


Umfrage: your vision!